10 Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

If you are one of those people who do not think they need life insurance, think again. There are very clear benefits for purchasing a life insurance policy. Remember that the money generated by your life insurance policy when you finally go 6 feet under can address a number of fundamental needs of your surviving family.

Why you should buy life insurance… our “Top Ten List”

  1. To protect your family if you lose a job or change jobs that had provided life insurance.
  2. To pay for funeral expenses, loans or any outstanding debt.To cover your childrens’ future education expenses if you are not there to provide.
  3. To cover your childrens’ future education expenses if you are not there to provide.
  4. To provide funds for your family to pay off a home mortgage.
  5. To protect a business by letting partner/beneficiaries buy out a deceased partner’s business interests.
  6. To set an example of responsibility and family values for your children.
  7. To provide child care or elder care for aging parents if the top caregiver/provider passes away.
  8. To provide peace of mind for your loved ones in uncertain financial times.
  9. To comfort your loved ones in a difficult time of loss and grief. You do it for love. To insure those you love the most by leaving them a legacy of your life.
  10. You do it for love. To insure those you love the most by leaving them a legacy of your life.

Get a free quote now to protect the future, and mostly, to insure the future of the ones you love.

Insuring your love in all of its stages

Think of your life as a series of stages: youth, adulthood, parenthood, maturity. Each stage has its own loves, its own rewards – and its own reasons to purchase life insurance.

As you reach different stages of life and your needs change, consider how different life insurance products can help.


It may not be obvious to most people, but childhood is actually a great time to get life insurance, when health is not normally an issue and costs are lower. A parent or grandparent can purchase life insurance for a child or grandchild that offers three important advantages: it’s inexpensive; it provides protection for the unexpected; and certain types of life insurance could help protect your child’s or grandchild’s insurability. Term or permanent life insurance may be appropriate, depending on the situation. Your independent life insurance agent can provide more information about the available options.


Young adults often struggle to manage debt from student loans while trying to get a start in their careers. Whether single or married, life insurance should still be a priority to protect the future. As with the youth stage, most young adults are in better health than they will be later in life – a major insurability factor. And, even if they don’t have children, young adults may have others who depend on their income: aging parents, younger or disabled siblings, business partners or close friends. Purchasing term insurance as a young adult is an inexpensive way to plan for the future. Talk to your local agent about designing your insurance needs to plan for the road ahead.


This is the stage when a large number of people decide to buy life insurance. When children depend on you, a permanent life insurance plan can ease your mind. If you already purchased term life insurance, this may be a time to convert it to permanent coverage. Some parents also find it useful to supplement a permanent life insurance plan with term insurance during their children’s preschool or college years. Consider a low-cost option of adding a children’s rider on your policy to protect the little ones as well. Ask your local agent to help you identify your options.


The children are on their own. You’re winding down your business, looking to pass it on to a relative or a trusted employee. You’ve earned your retirement. Life insurance can help you achieve your goals of financial security as you mature. Your local agent can assist in a permanent life insurance policy to safeguard your future.

Whatever your stage of life, whoever you love, whatever your plans – a well-designed life insurance program can help secure your future.

Coverages described here are in the most general terms and are subject to actual policy conditions and exclusions. For actual coverage wording, conditions and exclusions, refer to the policy or contact your Ayres Group Agent.