Remember insurance as college students head back

Back-to-school time is a good time to review your insurance if you have a student headed back to college. Remember to talk to your Ayres Group insurance agent for advice to make sure your student’s car, electronics and other belongings are covered. Some coverage may extend from your own personal insurance policies, but individual circumstances can vary. Your agent will know how to help.

As the summer winds down, millions of college students will be heading back to dorms or apartments all across the country. If your child is among them, you probably have made sure that your student has the necessary bedding, shelving, futons and electronics for a successful year.

But have you considered whether these items will be covered if lost or stolen?

Remember to check with your insurance agent before your child returns to school to see whether your personal homeowner policy extends your homeowner contents coverage to your child’s possessions in a dorm room or apartment. Your agent can also advise you whether or not your homeowner liability coverage may also extend to your child while living away at school.

Are you planning to send your child to school with a car? Your agent may need to amend the address to reflect your child’s address at school. This is known in the insurance industry as the “garaging location,” whether or not a garage is involved. Keep in mind that distance from home may be one factor in the premium cost for your policy.

And even if your college student will not keep an auto at school, it’s important to keep your agent in the loop. The child may be rated differently, possibly resulting in a savings of premium for you. When your student is no longer a year-round member of your household, he or she does not have full-time access to the vehicles on the policy.

Sending a child off to college or university can be an exciting and challenging time for parents. Ease your mind by talking with your Ayres Group insurance agent to ensure you and your child have the proper coverage while away at school.