Quiz: How well do you know the rules of the road?

When the rules of the road change, it’s up to drivers to keep up. Take our quiz to see how well you’ve kept up.
(Answers at the end)

  1. How many U.S. states have enacted “move over” laws? “Move over” laws require drivers to change lanes away from public safety vehicles on roadsides to protect public safety personnel. If it is unsafe to change lanes, the driver must slow down to a safe speed.
    1. 10
    2. 48
    3. 50
    4. This is for real?
  2. What is the speed limit on U.S. interstate highways?
    1. 55 mph
    2. 70 mph
    3. You can drive 5 mph above the posted limit without being pulled over
    4. Speed limits vary by state, time of day and whether the highway is rural or urban
  3. When must a child passenger be restrained in an approved safety seat?
    1. Until age 3
    2. All 50 states require safety seats for children until they meet specific age, height or weight criteria, which vary from state to state
    3. Until age 5
    4. At all times, except when traveling in Grandpa’s car
  4. Thirty-three states and the District of Columbia have special provisions for mature drivers. These include (choose one answer):
    1. Accelerated renewal frequency, vision test, road test, restriction of online or mailed renewals or reduced or waived renewal fees
    2. Seniors are not permitted to make left turns, only right turns for safety
    3. Note required from physician before renewal
    4. Note required from adult children before renewal
  5. Financial responsibility laws require:
    1. A bond to be posted before a driver’s license is issued
    2. A licensed driver to affirm that a designated minimum amount of insurance coverage (varies by state) is in place to pay for damages for which they are legally liable in the event of an auto accident
    3. Mom and Dad to pay for any accidents Junior might cause
    4. Bank verification that sufficient funds exist to pay any claims after a crash


  1. c. All 50 states have enacted “Move Over” laws. See Get the Facts: Move Over. It’s the Law.
  2. d. Speed limits vary. Check the Speed Limit Laws chart at the Governors Highway Safety Association website for details.
  3. b. All states have child safety seat laws, but requirements vary. See the Child Passenger Safety Laws chart at the Governors Highway Safety Association website for details, and find consumer tips for selecting an age-appropriate safety seat at Parents Central.
  4. a. Check the Mature Driver Laws chart at the Governors Highway Safety Association website for your state’s laws.
  5. b., but you may get partial credit for a., depending on your state. Every state has a financial responsibility law that requires a driver to affirm that insurance is in place when a license is issued. Some states allow a bond to be posted instead of proof of insurance. Check with your state’s department of motor vehicles for requirements in your state.