Self Insured Workers Compensation

Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Funds help members control their long-term workers compensation costs.  Owned and operated by members, these funds provide the same protection as an insurance company.  Each fund has industry specific claims management and lower expenses which in turn allows surplus money not used to pay claims and expenses to be returned to its members.

Cost Control

  • Members own and control the Fund
  • Strict underwriting and eligibility requirements
  • Excess loss insurance is purchased to protect against catastrophic claim payments
  • Competitive premiums with discounts available for good loss performance
  • Return of premium – surplus premium not needed to pay claims is returned to participants following regulatory approval

Value Added Services

  •  User-friendly payroll audit to accurately reflect job classifications
  • Attention paid to claim costs to protect against waste and fraud
  • Online claims reporting and online payments
  • Prompt, personal attention to your claims and concerns from experienced adjusters and service representatives
  •  Board of Trustees comprised of Fund members
  • Safety education resources available for employee safety training
  • Newsletters and member report cards to keep you informed.
  • Members receive surplus premium back