If you experience a loss or have a claim, please call as soon as possible. We prefer that you contact your Ayres Group office first to notify us of your loss so we can handle your claim quickly and efficiently.

For claim service outside of our normal business hours of 9:00am-5:00pm Monday – Friday, you may contact the insurance company directly to file a claim. Following are the company claims department information. Please have your policy number ready when reporting your claim.

New Claims 1-800-888-0616
Fax 1-866-814-5595

New Claims 1-888-252-4626
Fax 1-517-323-8796 
Road Trouble Service 1-888-869-2642 

New Claims

New Claims 1-866-411-2742

New Claims 1-888-362-2255

New Claims 1-800-527-3907
Fax 1-877-452-3957

New Claims 1-800-442-8277
Glass Claims 1-800-255-7137

New Claims 1-800-922-4050 option 4

New Claims 1-800.765.9749

New Claims 1-800-686-6640

New Claims 1-800-PROGRESSIVE

New Claims 1-800-318-2136

New Claims 1-800-327-3636

New Claims  1.800.252.4633

New Claims 1-866-633-2446

New Claims  1-800-523-5545

New Claims  1-800-325-3619

New Claims 1-800-733-3320