Life Insurance

Life insurance in the workplace

Good benefits can increase employee satisfaction. If you are…
April 26, 2017/by theayresgroup

Be alert for skimmers and scammers!

Before you swipe your bank card or credit card to make a payment…
March 13, 2017/by theayresgroup

Protecting Your Collection and Preventing Loss

Collecting can be an enjoyable hobby, an educational pursuit…
February 21, 2017/by theayresgroup
Winter Construction

7 safety tips for winter construction

Construction doesn’t take a break in the winter. If you manage…
January 18, 2017/by theayresgroup

5 tips for getting organized

For many of us, one of our New Year’s resolutions is to be…
January 5, 2017/by theayresgroup

Life insurance: A perfect gift for a grandchild

When you think about all the things you want to purchase for…
December 19, 2016/by theayresgroup

Cyber risk insurance: New coverage for emerging risks

It seems you can’t turn on the news without hearing about a…
December 6, 2016/by theayresgroup

Play it safe during your hotel stay

Whether you travel for business or leisure, consider increasing…
November 28, 2016/by theayresgroup

Weathering the storm in an uncertain market

Tired of watching the stock market and seeing the value of your…
November 17, 2016/by theayresgroup

Reducing liquor liability before the first drop is poured

Failing to act responsibly when serving alcohol could be catastrophic…
November 7, 2016/by theayresgroup

The Ayres Insurance Group announces the addition of Tyler Losinski to their group of agents

Sturgis, Michigan - October 6, 2016

October 24, 2016/by theayresgroup

Fire danger in the construction zone

Fires are a significant hazard on construction sites.

October 14, 2016/by theayresgroup