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Get it Covered

Insure your business from the start. Question: I’m starting my business and know I should obtain various types of insurance. Since my funds are limited, what do you recommend to start? Answer: Virtually every business needs: Fire insurance extended for conditions including storms, explosions, smoke damage and other disasters Liability insurance for bodily injury occurring […]

Building a better summer camp experience

Spring is a busy season for parents reserving spots for their children in summer camps and activities, and many health, tennis, racquet and athletic clubs are starting to ramp up for summer.   If you are a club owner, you are probably finalizing the types of camps you will offer. Once you decide among sports, […]

Protecting Your Craft Beverage Equipment

While means and methods will vary, one item that all craft beverage manufacturers share is dependence on their equipment. That’s why it’s important to make sure you include equipment breakdown coverage as part of your insurance portfolio if you’re a craft brewer, distiller or winery owner.   When most of us think about insurance protection, […]


DATE: March 2015 CONTACT: Sally Stuby, Campaign Chairperson Ph. 269-435-7432 or stuby@msu.edu JOSEPH COUNTY 4-H LAUNCHES MATCH CAMPAIGN TO BUILD 4-H ENDOWMENT Centreville, Mich. – Supporters of St. Joseph County 4-H programs have an opportunity to double their personal support for 4-H by helping to “Make the Match for St. Joseph County 4-H.” St. Joseph […]

Slip, trip, stumble and fall – Keep your club safe

Slip, trip, stumble and fall – Keep your club safe | The Cincinnati Insurance Companies blog Health clubs often pride themselves on the fitness level of their members. This pride can cause them to overlook some basic cleaning and maintenance protocols that keep their members safe. The reality is, anyone can fall or slip on […]

Quiz: How well do you know the rules of the road?

When the rules of the road change, it’s up to drivers to keep up. Take our quiz to see how well you’ve kept up. (Answers at the end) How many U.S. states have enacted “move over” laws? “Move over” laws require drivers to change lanes away from public safety vehicles on roadsides to protect public […]

Homeowners Coverage Changes

Homeowners claims have been an issue with most of our carriers due to the increase in the severity and frequency of storms over the past several years. Some companies have implemented several measures to offset the high cost of claims from these storms. One of these measures is to amend coverage the companies offer. Some of these […]

Helping avoid large audits

General Liability and Workers Compensation premiums for business owners are based on the actual sales and payroll for a policy period. Sometimesour clients have a better year than anticipated or have an increase in hiring staff. Here are a few tips to avoid any large audit premiums: Notify our agency if there are noticeable increases in sales […]